Students joining a sorority/fraternity should consider dues, fees, and other expenses in their decision-making. Each sorority/fraternity sets its own fees and housing costs, as well as payment schedules. During recruitment, potential members should ask chapters about financial obligations and payment options.

The first year is typically higher, as it includes many one time fees (new member fees, badges, etc). Students will be given financial information from chapter leadership; it is their responsibility to convey that information to family members.

Financial Transparency

Sororities and fraternities provide information related to their dues and fees each year.

2024-2025 Sorority Financial Transparency Information

Fraternity Financial Transparency Information coming soon

Panhellenic Dues Assistance Program

The purpose of this fund is to be able to provide a one time gift to sorority women in financial need. We recognize that sorority life and dues are expensive, but we believe the value of these groups to be worth it. The Panhellenic community at K-State wants to help women who are at risk of resigning to be able to continue in their sorority experience.

This opportunity is not a scholarship or merit-based application. Consideration will only be given to those who express financial need due to circumstances outside of their control. Special consideration will be given to students who have exhausted all other forms of financial assistance.

*Note that other forms of financial assistance may be available from individual sorority/fraternity chapers.

2024-2025 Dues Assistance Program application is publisized through Panhellenic Council each semester.