IFC Recruitment Weekend

Meet men from all IFC chapters and kickstart your recruitment experience!

February 23-24, 2024

Connect with current K-State men and see what their fraternity experience has been like--and what yours could be! The $70 registration fee covers food, operations, and other goods from the weekend. If this cost is prohibitive to you attending, please email the FSL Office.

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participants at the 2020 IFC Recruitment WeekendWhat is Fraternity Recruitment Weekend?

Fraternity Recruitment Weekend is an opportunity for men to connect with any and all IFC fraternities.

This year, the 2-day event will be held on February 23-24th. It will take place in the K-State Student Union and will include a tour of all 18 chapter facilities. All participants will receive chapter information, GPA and community reports, financial information and more.

Friday evening will also include a Parent Information session that will take place at 7:30pm in the K-State Student Union.

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Why should I participate in Fraternity Recruitment?

The purpose of the weekend will be to provide an opportunity for all potential fraternity members to gain an overview of the community at large.

Attendees will have time to connect with all 22 chapter presidents andAttendees at an IFC Recruitment Weekend recruitment chairs, tour all 18 fraternity facilities, and ask questions to campus leaders.

Even if you are unsure about your interest in Greek life, this non-commitment event can help address curiosities.

Our hope, however, is that you'll find men that you can call brothers and a fraternity you can call home.

‚ÄčAlthough this is a 2-day weekend, which will require young men that are going through recruitment to stay in Manhattan overnight, this will be a completely dry weekend. No alcohol, drugs, or parties are allowed. Attendees are not permitted to stay at fraternity houses.

Participants at an IFC Recruitment Weekend