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Speech Team

K-State Forensics
Kansas State University
227 Nichols Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Join the Team!

K-State's Forensics and Individual Events Team, also known as KSU Speech, is one of the premier competitive forensics teams in the country. Since 1992, Kansas State has been a top 20 team in the nation 23 times, as ranked by the American Forensics Association National Individual Events Tournament. Individually, KSU Speech has produced over 30 national champions spanning 11 different events.

KSU Speech is open to any undergraduate enrolled at Kansas State University. We do not do tryouts - we believe no matter where you start, with hard work we can help you achieve competitive and personal success. The benefits to participating in competitive speech should not be limited to the naturally talented few. Our team is comprised of students who are KSHAA state champions, NSDA outrounders, and individuals who have never competed in speech and debate - all are welcome!

Our coaching staff is awesome! We have six coaches: two full time faculty, two graduate students, and two assistant coaches. Our two faculty members have been recognized by the AFA-NIET for their service to the speech community and commitment to coaching. Those honors include: a Distinguished Service Award winner (Craig Brown in 2003) and an AFA-NIET Outstanding New Forensics Coach Award winner (Darren Epping in 2014).We have the resources and talent to help you become one of the best speakers in the nation!