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Fong Laboratory

Fong Lab

Department of Anatomy and Physiology

College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University

Lab: 785-532-4456

Office: 785-532-4524


Fong Lab

Welcome to the Membrane Transport Physiology Laboratory! We are located in the Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

How do things get into cells, and how do they get out?  Our Lab is interested in how solutes and water move across the membranes surrounding diverse cell types, and particularly those which organize as epithelia. The transport of solutes and water impacts multiple functions, from the level of the cell to that of the whole organism. Knowledge of the normal physiology of these processes ultimately will inform our understanding of pathophysiological processes that arise from their dysfunction.

We have been supported by the Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research for our work on identifying novel modulators of ion channels that mediate cellular uptake of anti-cancer agents. The Lab previously received NIH (NIGMS) support for our project "CFTR regulation of thyroid transport" (NIH R15-PA-12-006). Past work also was generously supported by funds from the Kansas State University Center of Biological Research Excellence (COBRE) "Epithelial Function in Health and Disease", intramural funds from the Dean's Office of the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine, a bridging award from K-INBRE, the Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the American Heart Association.


Banner: Light microscopic image of thyroid epithelial cell monolayers showing "domes".