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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Committee on
Professional Staff Affairs
2019-2020 Members

Length of term in parentheses

Mishelle Hay McCammant, Agriculture (18-21)
Megan Elzinga, Architecture, Planning, and Design (19-21)
Laura Hohenbary, Arts and Sciences (19-22)
Suzy Auten, Business Administration (19-21)
Kelly Briggs, Education (13-20) (Co-Chair)
Bill Zhang, Engineering (19-22)
Nancy Daniels, Extension (19-21)
Maria Beebe, General University (19-20) (Co-Chair) Alternate: Pat Hudgins
Mary Anne Andrews, Health and Human Sciences (13-20)
Renee Gates, K-State Libraries (19-22)
Alyssa Wendel, Technology & Aviation, K-State Polytechnic (Jan. 17-22)
Mal Hoover, Veterinary Medicine (17-20)
Sadie Polson, Student representative 

Non-voting Attendees:
Paul Volino: Liaison for Human Capital Services
Lynn Carlin
: Liaison for the Provost
Cyreathia (Sam) Reyer: Liaison for University Support Staff