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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Leadership Council 2022-2023


Don Saucier

President of Faculty Senate: Don Saucier, saucier@ksu.edu
Professor, Psychological Sciences, 411 Bluemont Hall, 532-6881

Don Von Bergen

President-Elect of Faculty Senate: Don Von Bergen, dvb@ksu.edu
Professor, School of Integrated Studies, Flight Center, 785-826-2679

Laurel Littrell

Past President of Faculty Senate: Laurel Littrell, laurlit@ksu.edu
Professor, Planning and Assessment Librarian, K-State Libraries; 358 Hale Library; 532-7400

Graciela Berumen

Secretary of Faculty Senate: Graciela Berumen, gracie3@ksu.edu
Managing Director of Global Education Outreach; 06 Bluemont Hall; 532-5525

Co-Chairs of Academic Affairs (AAC):

Andy Bennett

Andy Bennett, bennett@ksu.edu, Professor and Department Head
Mathematics, 138 Cardwell Hall, 532-0559

Brandon Kliewer

Brandon Kliewer, bkliewer@ksu.edu, Associate Professor
Staley School of Leadership Studies, 257 Leadership Studies, 532-6085

Co-Chairs of Faculty Affairs (FAC):

Brad Cunningham

Brad Cunningham, bradc@ksu.edu, Student Success Technology Administrator
Vice Provost for Student Success, 101H Holton Hall, 532-6492

Tareque Nasser

Tareque Nasser, tnasser@ksu.edu, Associate Professor
Finance, 3006 Business Building, 532-4375

Co-Chairs of Justice, Equity, Diversity, Access, Inclusion, and Identity (JEDAII)

Graciela Berumen

Graciela Berumen, gracie3@ksu.edu, Managing Director of Global Education Outreach
06 Bluemont Hall; 532-5525

Julie Yu-Oppenheim

Julie Yu-Oppenheim, julieyu@ksu.edu, Professor
School of Music Theatre Dance, 109 McCain, 532-3815

Co-Chairs of Professional Staff Affairs (PSA):

Renee Gates

Renee Gates, regates@ksu.edu, Information Technology Coordinator
Libraries' Information Services & Technology, 414 Hale Library, 532-7862

Mishelle Hay-McCammant

Mishelle Hay-McCammant, mhay@ksu.edu Academic Services Coordinator
Agriculture, 135 Waters Hall, 532-2636

Co-Chairs of Technology (FSCOT):

Michael Raine

Michael Raine, maraine@ksu.edu, Director of Information Technology
Business Administration, 3126 Business Building, 532-2637

Phil Vardiman

Phil Vardiman, pvardiman@ksu.edu, Associate Professor
Health and Human Sciences, 144L Lafene


Co-Chairs of University Planning (FSCOUP):

Rebecca Adams

Rebecca Adams, rebecca3@ksu.edu
Instructor, Marketing, 3054 Business Building, 532-6824

Martin Seay

Martin Seay, mseay@ksu.edu, Associate Professor and Department Head
Personal Financial Planning, 343I Justin Hall, 785-532-1480