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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Committee on Technology
2021-2022 Members

Length of term is listed in parentheses. Terms are three-years; if there is a shorter term listed, someone is filling in the remainder of another person's term.

Colby Moorberg, Agriculture (20-22)
Don Crawford, Architecture, Planning, and Design (20-22)
Brett DePaola, Arts and Sciences (17-22) (Co-Chair)
Michael Raine, Business Administration (07-22) (Co-Chair)
Lisa Rubin, Education (21-22)
Kevin Wanklyn, Engineering (21-23)
Jennifer Wilson, Extension (21-22)
Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson, General University (20-23) - Alternate: Jim Bach
Phil Vardiman, Health and Human Sciences (21-24)
Ryan Otto, K-State Libraries (17-23)
Katherine Jones, Technology & Aviation, K-State Salina (21-24)
Mary Bowen, Term Appointment (Spring 22)
Justin Thomason, Veterinary Medicine (21-24)
Nathan Vontz, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
Scott Finkeldei, Liaison for Chief Information Officer
Vacant - Liaison for University Support Staff