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Faculty Senate

Faculty Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate 2023-2024 Members

K.C. Olson, Agriculture
La Barbara Wigfall, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Eve McCulloch, Arts and Sciences
Tareque Nasser, Business Administration (Co-Chair)
Jia "Grace" Liang, Education |Andy Wefald (proxy for Fall 23)
Amir Bahadori, Engineering
Rachael Clews, Extension
Ashley Noll, General University | Alternate: Paige Adams
Anthony Ferraro, Health and Human Sciences
Roger Adams, K-State Libraries
Merta Scott-Hall, Technology & Aviation, K-State Salina
Brad Cunningham, Term Appointment (Co-Chair)
Justin Kastner, Veterinary Medicine
Brady Kappelmann, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
Tanya González: Liaison for the Provost
Charlotte Self: Liaison for Human Resources