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Department of English
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas 66506
Telephone: (785) 532-6716
FAX: (785) 532-2192
Email: english@ksu.edu
Department Head:
Karin Westman
(785) 532-2190
Associate Head:
Anne Phillips
(785) 532-2167
Director of Graduate Studies:
Anne Longmuir
(785) 532-2169

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Naomi Wood
(785) 532-2159

Director of Undergraduate Advising:
Carol Franko
(785) 532-2157

Director of Composition and Rhetoric:
Phillip Marzluf
(785) 532-2156

Director of Children's Literature:
Philip Nel
(785) 532-2165
Director of Creative Writing:
Dan Hoyt
(785) 532-2168
Director of Cultural Studies:
Don Hedrick
(785) 532-2160
Director of Expository Writing:
Phillip Marzluf
(785) 532-2156
Director of Literature:
Christina Hauck
(785) 532-2175
Director of Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing:
Han Yu, Director of Graduate Studies
(785) 532-3339

Webmasters: Philip Nel and Naomi Wood

Administrative Staff:
Emily Richards, Administrative Assistant and receptionist
phone: 785-532-6716; email: erichards@ksu.edu

Heather Markson, Administrative Specialist and contact person for Karin Westman, Cultural Studies, Graduate Studies, and Undergraduate Studies
phone: 785-532-2190; email: hmarkson@ksu.edu

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Department of English
108 E/CS Building
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas
Phone (785) 532-6716
FAX (785) 532-2192

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