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Department of English

Expository Writing Program

The Expository Writing Program offers English 100 (“Expository Writing I”), English 200 (“Expository Writing II”), and several other upper-level writing classes. Together, these courses enable students to write effectively and become more aware of how they write. The Expository Writing Program provides students with a broad range of writing experiences in order to help them fulfill their academic, professional, and civic responsibilities. Students will produce many different types of genres—evaluations, responses, analyses, reports, and proposals, among others—that they will encounter both in and outside the university. Finally, the Expository Writing Program asks students to write for specific audiences and for specific purposes.

English 100: Expository Writing I

English 100 focuses on informative writing and includes a diversity overlay. Students read and write about issues of human difference, communities, and identities. 

Major Writing Assignments (approximately 5000 - 7000 words total)

  • Autoethnography
  • Gender Analysis 
  • Invitational Writing 
  • Informative Report 
  • New Autoethnography


English 200: Expository Writing II

English 200 focuses on argument and persuasion. Students employ rhetorical appeals, Toulmin strategies, and Rogerian argument. 

Major Writing Assignments (approximately 6000 - 8000 words total)

  • Rhetorical Analysis
  • Response Editorial
  • Persuasive Researched Essay
  • Proposal
  • Reflection


Contact Information

Dr. Phillip Marzluf, Director

Expository Writing Program 

124 English/Counseling Services Building

(785) 532-2156