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Electronics Design Laboratory

Electronics Design Laboratory
Kansas State University
124 Burt Hall
1220 N MLK Jr Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506-0400



Electronics Design and Construction

EDL is a full-service electronics design, prototyping and packaging facility. We use industry standard computer-aided design software to draw schematics, simulate circuits and systems, and to design and layout printed circuit boards. We have the capability to provide custom project packaging and light mechanical fabrication from our machine shop, and we have industry contacts to make larger, more detailed fabrications to meet your specifications. We recently added a 3-D printer to the lab and use it to create custom packages, optical aperatures, PCB supports and a variety of other parts and pieces to customize the packaging of devices.

Digital Design and Software Development

EDL performs custom PLD design for projects using FPGAs or PLDs and can develop software for embedded systems. We also write custom LabView code for data acquisition applications.

Testing and Debugging

In addition to our design and production capabilities, EDL has the equipment to conduct through, precise project debugging and testing, as well as network and impedance analysis of circuits at frequencies up to 1.8GHz. A temperature chamber is available to test circuits under adverse heat and cold, and to stress-test circuits through simulated aging. EDL has a microscope station to manually inspect surface-mount components, silicon wirebonds and other precise objects. Automated testing of complex and delicate circuits can be done on the High Energy Physics probe station.

Wirebonding and Microchips

Through a cooperative agreement with the K-State High-Energy Physics Group, EDL has access to a wirebonding machine. Implementing custom silicon or packaging detectors in your project has never been easier!