Welcome to the physiological ecology lab at K-State


Our research focuses on the physiological responses of plants to environmental variability and resource availability. Defining these relationships contributes to a greater understanding of ecosystem processes and responses to our changing climate.

We use experimental and observational studies to examine plant physiological and growth responses to water availability and changes in temperature. Typically, these questions require gas exchange measurements, sensor networks, flux towers, stable isotopic analyses, and the development of statistical and process-based models. Historically, most of our work has focused on processes in grasslands and savannas.

In addition to our research, we are co-organizers of the biennial graduate student training course Phys-Fest. We are passionate about creating community within plant ecophysiology and teaching the analytical skills for a variety of techniques to the next generation of ecophysiologists.

Phys-Fest 4 is live this October! More details are available HERE

We are hiring! Please check for graduate student and post-doc opportunities on our INFO page!

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CONTACT: Jesse Nippert:: Ph- 785.532.0114 / Fax - 785.532.6615 / nippert@ksu.edu

Postal Address: 116 Ackert Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-4901 USA

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