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Electronics Design Club

Reef Lighting

Spring 2013 - Nick Meyer



This 240W LED lighting system is designed for simulated coral reefs where high light intensity is crucial. Heatsink started as an 8"x6' piece of aluminum sheet and 2 pieces of 6' long 1" sqaure tubing that was riveted together in the shown shape. Each LED has 2 holes drilled and tapped to take plastic machine screws for retention. The black sheet covering the heatsink was made by a local awning company to duct air from the 200mm PC fan over the LEDs. The whole fixture is cable suspended from the ceiling. The driving circuitry consists of 4 Meanwell 60W PWM controlled LED drivers, 2 are connected to strings of royal blues, 1 is nuetral white, and 1 is a mix. They are currently being fed straight DC and run off of a timer but will be switched over to a custom micro controller based driver that will handle all timing and make the individual strings fade to give a more blue sunrise/sunset as well as a moon phase.