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Electronics Design Club

Lab Resources

Our lab is located in 0044 Rathbone Hall (basement). The easiest access is from the engineering parking lot and through the left-most door (stairwell access).

Electronics Design Club maintains a lab equipped with most tools needed for creating and testing electronic projects, including soldering irons, multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, microscopes, hand tools, and assorted components. E-Club members have 24/7 access to these resources after agreeing to safety guidelines.

We also operate 3D printing and laser cutting services for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. 3D printing and laser cutting are available for research, organization, and student projects. To schedule mandatory 3D printer or laser cutter training, or for any other lab questions, email Patrick Flett at flettpatrick@ksu.edu.

For software, many E-Club members recommend using these free design programs: KiCad for circuit/PCB design, Fusion 360 for 3D printer models, and Inkscape for laser cutter vector files (or any 2D CAD program that can export in .svg format). We offer introductory lessons on on using these software resources throughout the year.

Makerbot Printer