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Electronics Design Club

3 Wheel Rover

Spring 2013 - Nathan Reichenberger

Project Mission

Design a remote controlled robot capable of 3 degrees of freedom, using only 3 wheels.

Manner of Operation

Three motorized omni-wheels are evenly spaced 120-degrees apart. Movement is defined by the rates of rotation of the individual motors.

The individual X and Y proportions of each motor are summed translating into Left, Right, Forwards, Reverse, Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise movements. All movements are relative to the front of the rover.

The rover is controlled through a wireless serial connection handled by two Xbee adapters.

  • Arduino FIO
  • DC Motor Drivers
  • Geared DC Motors
  • Omni Wheels
  • 3D printed wheel mounts
  • Xbee wireless communication

3-Wheel Rover in Progress