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freshwater ecology

Freshwater Ecology, 3rd Edition Concepts and Environmental Applications of Limnology

Power points for lectures from Elsevier

Youtubes of Dodds lectures that match book.   (instructors feel free to request most current version of Dodds' Powerpoints

Introduction Chap 10 animals Chap 19a microbe interact
Chap 1 introduction Chap 11a diversity Chap 19b
Chap 2 a water properties Chap 11b Chap 20a predation
Chap 2 bChap 12a redox Chap 20b
Chap 2 cChap 12b oxygen Chap 20c
Chap 2 d Chap 13 carbon Chap 21a competition
Chap 3 a light and water movement Chap 14a nitrogen Chap 21b mutualism
Chap 3 b Chap 14b sulfur Chap 22a complex interact
Chap 4 hydro cycle, groundwater Chap 14c phosporus iron Chap 22b
Chap 5 wetlands Chap 15a extreme environsChap 23a fish
Chap 6 streams Chap 15 b Chap 23b
Chap 7a lakes Chap 16a toxicology Chap 24a ecosystems
Chap 7 b Chap 16b Chap 24b
Chap 8 intro organisms Chap 17a nutrient dynamics Chap 24c
Chap 9 a microbes plants Chap 17b  
Chap 9b Chap 18a eutrophication  
Chap 9c Chap 18b