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Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs

Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs
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Multicultural Academic Program Success Bridge Program

MAPS Summer 2018 program dates: June 8 through July 20, 2018.

The program is for you if

  • Will you be a freshman student interested in increasing your multicultural knowledge and skill set at Kansas State University in fall 2018?
  • Are you majoring in agriculture, business or engineering and looking for a way to get ahead?

MAPS benefits include

  • Up to six college credits of chemistry or math, kinesiology, university experience and participation in a college laboratory.
  • An integrated biofuels project. Students explore the importance of agriculture, engineering and business in biofuels production through lab work, independent research, industry tours showcasing biofuel production across Kansas and a group poster presentation.
  • Free room and board in Moore Hall on Kansas State University's Manhattan campus.
  • A stipend for each student participating in the program.
  • Industry tours across the Midwest. 
  • Weekend activities around Manhattan.
  • Professional, cultural, scholarship and academic opportunities.

Eligibility requirements

  • Apply to Kansas State University and plan to enroll in fall 2018.
  • Plan to major in agriculture, engineering or business. See a list of majors.


Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about MAPS, please contact:

Brandon L. Clark
MAPS Program Coordinator
224 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506