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Multicultural Academic Program Success (MAPS)

group of people wearing matching purple shirts in front of Anderson Hall

Multicultural Academic Program Success (MAPS) is a multi-week program designed to prepare incoming multicultural, first-generation students for the academic rigor of the university environment. Students are provided the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the K-State campus and services. Students experience industry tours and meet professionals and faculty who can serve as mentors through their college careers. It is the MAPS mission to challenge and support students as they make the transition to college with the ultimate goal being student success at Kansas State University. 

MAPS 2024 Program Dates: May 31st - June 28th, 2024


Apply Here: MAPS 2024 Student Application Link

Priority Deadline; Friday, December 1st, 2023

Application Deadline;Friday, March 29th, 2024

College Contacts:

College of Agriculture: Dr. Zelia Wiley (zwiley@ksu.edu / 785-532-5793) 

College of Business: Dr. Olivia Law-DelRosso (olivia@ksu.edu / 785-532-6986)

College of Engineering: LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin (lbaldwin@ksu.edu / 785-532-5949)

MAPS benefits include:

  • A 4 week university experience program, which integrates academics to prepare for the rigors of college life.
  • Public Speaking (COMM106) course costs covered by Project IMPACT funding
  • An integrated sustainability projects. Students will explore the importance of agriculture, engineering, and business. The process will be through lab work, research, industry tours, and a final group presentation.
  • Paid room and board during the 4-week program in K-State's Residence Halls.
  • Travel for industry tours/visits with our corporate sponsors, including Phillips 66 and Cargill.
  • Weekend networking and relationship building activities in the City of Manhattan with Project IMPACT staff.
  • Professional, cultural, scholarship, and academic opportunities.
  • Scholarship award freshman year, and potential to renew scholarship based on continued program participation and all subject grade point average qualifications.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applied to Kansas State University and plan to enroll in the Fall semester after your senior year in high school.
  • Plan to major in Agriculture, Business, or Engineering.
  • Identify as First-Generation, African American, Asian, Latino, Indigenous, Multiracial, or FAFSA Eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General MAPS Information

Q: What are the benefits of the MAPS program? 
MAPS students receieve a wide range of beneift participating in the program. Students spend four weeks getting to know other students, faculty, the Kansas State University campus and their majors. MAPS students also begin building their professional network meeting corporate professionals & faculty who can serve as mentors for them throughout their college careers. Participants also take a summer class, which builds their K-State GPA early!

: I am interested in participating in MAPS, but I can attend only part of the summer program. Can I still participate?
A: It is required that students attend all classes, participate in the MAPS activities and remain on campus for the entire four-week period.

QI would like to attend MAPS, but I don’t plan on being a freshman at K-State during the Fall. Can I still attend?
A: MAPS is a summer bridge program for incoming K-State freshmen. Students who are planning to enroll in a different college/university during the Fall semester are not eligible for MAPS.

QI'm transfering to K-State from a Community College. Am I attend?
A: MAPS is intented for first-year (freshman) college students. 

QWhat costs are covered by MAPS?
A: MAPS covers tuition, room and board, and most all meals. MAPS also pays for group activities such as travel for the industry tours and weekend activites. It is reccomended students bring funds for incidental costs, (trips to walmart, etc).

QWhat costs are not covered by MAPS?
A: MAPS does not cover expenses related to traveling to and from Manhattan, K-State’s Orientation fee, and personal purchases.

MAPS Application
Q: Where can I access the application?
A: MAPS 2024 Application Link: Click Here
Q: What all will I need to complete the application?
A: The application includes the following section; Student Contact Information + Demographics, Parent/Gaurdian Contact Information, Link for 1 Letter of Recommendation, & Space to Upload your High School transcripts, ACT Score, and Essay.
Q: When do I need to complete the application?
A: You should complete the application as soon as possible, but the deadline for submitting is March 29th, 2024.
Program Logistics

QHow many credits will I earn during the summer with MAPS?
A: MAPS participants earn three credit hours: COMM 106 – Public Speaking (3)

QDo I have to attend K-State’s Orientation and Enrollment?
A: MAPS Students will enroll on the first day of the program, seperate from other first-year students. More information will be sent to you if you are selected about this process.

QWhere will I live during the summer with MAPS?
A: MAPS students live in a coed, standard room-style residence hall on K-State’s campus. MAPS peer mentors live on the floor and help you adjust to college life. They assist you with understanding the university and K-State housing and dining policies.

QWhen can I move into the residence hall?
A:  MAPS students will move into the residence halls following the Program Orientation. 

Q: Can I bring my car to MAPS?
A: MAPS participants are not allowed to bring or ride in personal vehicles for the duration of MAPS. MAPS will provide safe transportation to and from designated events. Students who bring their vehicle need to arrange parking.

QWhat do MAPS participants do when they’re not in classes?
A: Check out this week at a glance schedule from a prior year of MAPS to get an idea of a typical schedule during the summer.

MAPS Weekly Schedule

Q: Is there any travel during the program?
A: We will make a couple of trips outside of Manhattan during the program. Students will visit Cargill Protein HQ in Wichita, KS & Phillips 66 in Bartlesville, OK. We will also take a fun trip to Topeka, KS. All travel is arranged and done by Project IMPACT.

Q: Can I visit my student during the program?
A: Since not all families have the ability to visit frequently during the summer and the schedule is very full, we do not allow parents to drop in, unless the situation deams it. This is your student's (and your) practice for the Fall semester.

Q: What should I pack for the summer?
A: If you are accepted, we provide you with a checklist style packing list. In general, you will wear casual clothes, but there will be days you are expected to wear business casual/professional dress. You'll also need to pack class items, like your laptop, paper/pencils, etc.