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Kompass 2022 Group Photo

A free three-day extended summer orientation and freshman-year retention program designed to accelerate academic success for incoming freshmen multicultural and first generation students in Agriculture, Business, Engineering, and Architecture, Planning, & Design.

2024 Program Dates: August 11-14, 2024

Apply Here:Kompass 2024 Student Application Link

College Contacts:

College of Agriculture: Dr. Zelia Wiley (zwiley@ksu.edu / 785-532-5793) 

College of Business: Dr. Olivia Law-DelRosso (olivia@ksu.edu / 785-532-6986)

College of Engineering: LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin (lbaldwin@ksu.edu / 785-532-5949)

College of APDesign: Mitzi Farmer (mwfarmer@ksu.edu / 785-532-1997)

Kompass benefits include:

  • A 3-day university experience program, which integrates academics to prepare for the rigors of college life.
  • Early move-in into their assigned Residence Hall, early move-in fee paid by program.
  • On-campus industry visit with our corporate sponsor, Koch Ind.
  • Professional, cultural, scholarship, and academic opportunities.
  • A one-time Freshman Year Scholarship, dispursed in the Fall Semester. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applied to Kansas State University and plan to enroll in the Fall semester after your senior year in high school.
  • Plan to major in Agriculture, APDesign, Business, or Engineering.
  • Identify as First-Generation, African American, Asian, Latino, Indigenous, or Multiracial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

General Kompass Program Information

Q: What are the benefits of the Kompass program? 
Kompass students can start their college careers early. Students spend 3 days getting to know other students, faculty, the Kansas State University campus and their majors. Students also get to experience industry connections and meet professionals and faculty who can serve as mentors for them throughout their college careers. It's a great way to spend the days prior to the Fall Semester. The program also comes with a $1,000 scholarship for their first-year.

: I am interested in participating in Kompass, but I can attend only part of the summer program. Can I still participate?
A: It is required that students attend and participate in all scheduled Kompass activities.  

QI would like to attend Kompass, but I don’t plan on being a freshman at K-State during the Fall. Can I still attend?
A: Kompass is a summer bridge program for incoming K-State freshmen. Students who are planning to enroll in a different college/university during the Fall semester are not eligible for MAPS. 

Q: I would like to attend Kompass, but I don’t plan on being an APDesign, Agriculture, Business, or Engineering Major at K-State. Can I still attend?
Kompass is a summer bridge program for incoming K-State freshmen studying APDesign, Agriculture, Business, or Engineering. Students who are planning to enroll in a different college/major program are not eligible for Kompass.

QWhat costs are covered by Kompass?
A: Kompass covers the early move-in fee for those students living with on-campus housing. Meals for off-campus are covered during the program dates; on-campus students will utilize their dining plans.

QWhat costs are not covered by Kompass?
A: Kompass does not cover expenses related to traveling to and from Manhattan, K-State’s Orientation fee, and personal items.

Kompass Application
Q: Where can I access the application?
A: Kompass 2024 Application Link: 2024 Kompass Application

Q: What all will I need to complete the application?
A: The application asks you to provide the following sections of information; Student Contact Information + Demographics, Parent/Gaurdian Contact Information, Copy of your High School transcripts and Essay Responces. You need to complete all sections for your application to be considered complete.
Kompass Logistics

QWhere will I live during the Kompass program?
A: K-State has requires incoming Manhattan campus first-year students to live on campus during their first two semesters. Kompass students who are living on-campus will live in their assigned residence hall. Students who are granted an exemption to this policy must confirm access to their off-housing prior to the start of the program. Please visit this website for more information about the First-Year Residency Policy & Exemptions.

QWhen can I move into the residence hall?
A:  Kompass students will have time to move into their assigned residence halls following the Program Orientation. Those living off-campus should arrange to move in prior or on the same day of the program.

Q: Can I bring my car to Kompass?
A: K-State first-year students are allowed to bring a vehicle to campus, but it must be registered with parking services. If your student is going to bring their vehicle, please be sure to complete the neccessary steps for getting their parking pass before arriving to campus. During the program, Kompass participants are not allowed to drive in personal vehicles with exceptions for off-campus residents. Kompass will provide safe transportation to and from any designated events should that be required.

QWhat do Kompass participants do during the program?
A: Kompass students will participate in a wide arrange of activities over the course of the program. A sample schedule can be found here. (Kompass Program Schedule)