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Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs

Events in Diversity and Multicultural Student AffairsWildcat Dialogues: An Intercultural Leadership Experience for New Students

Native American Heritage Month

The month of November is nationally recognized as Native American Heritage Month. Originally referred to as American Indian Week, it was expanded to a month long celebration by congress and President George H.W. Bush in 1990.

During Native American Heritage Month, we take the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the numerous sacrifices, achievements and contributions Indigenous and Native peoples have made and continue to make in this country.

As the first land-grant institution and occupants of Indigenous land, it is important that we take the time as a university to continue to educate ourselves and celebrate the rich and vibrant traditions of Indigenous and Native communities.

Upcoming Programs

  • Land Acknowledgements and Why We do Them

    Have you ever wondered why do Land Acknowledgements at the beginning of major university programs? DMSA Director of Intercultural Learning & Academic Success, Dr. Debra Bolton will be engaging us on the significance of land acknowledgements. She will guide us through the origin, the various types and why we acknowledge the practice.


Multicultural Student Organization Events