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Commerce Bank Presidential Awards for Diversity

The Commerce Bank Presidential Faculty/Staff Award for Distinguished Services to Historically Under-Represented Minority Students was established in 1978 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to the development of quality education for students of color at Kansas State University. The Commerce Bank Presidential Student Award for Distinguished Services in Enhancing Multiculturalism at Kansas State University was established in the spring of 1997 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to diversity enhancement within the student sector.

Commerce Bank Presidential Awards Selections committee members for 2022-2023 include:

  • Mirta Chavez, Commitee Chair, Interim Associate Vice President for Student Life of Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Tamara Bauer, Instructor, Staley School of Leadership Studies. 
  • Patricia Hudgins, Associate Director, Career Center.
  • Rebeca Paz, Assistant Director, Office of First-Generation Students.
  • Spencer Clark, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Brandon Haddock, Coordinator, LGBT Resource Center.
  • Amy Betz, Assistant Dean for Retention, Diversity and Inclusion, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department.
  • Dr. Be Stoney, Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Award Applications:   

Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Nomination (PDF)

Student Nomination (PDF)

The nomination deadline is Friday, October 7th, 2022 at 5:00 p.m 

Submissions may be send to Adam Carr via email (arcarr@k-state.edu) or mailed / delivered to 224 Anderson Hall.

2021-2022 Award Winners:

Faculty & Staff: Brenee King, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research

Student: Lonnie Hobbs Jr, PhD Candidate, Agricultural Economics

              Christopher Burrell, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Past Student Award Winners

1996       Stacy Yeager                                                 
1997       Colette McLemore
1998       Leo Prieto
1999       Tamara Goodson
2000       Cindy Seto
2001       Brad Crane, 
              Louis Duncan Jr.
2002       Erica Smith
2003       Isabel Amaya
2004       Yvonne Adame
2005       Naureen Mujeeb Kazi
2006       Abdulrasak Toyin Yahaya
2007       Clemente Jaquez-Hererra
2008       Careem Gladney
2009       Robert Gomez,
              Deborah Muhwezi
2010       Samuel Britton
2011       Ariel Anib
2012       Angela Muhwezi
2013       Marcus Bragg
2014       Justine Floyd
2015       Justice Davis
2016       Yubisela Toledo
2017       Chelsea Turner
2018       Adam Carr
2019       Del'Sha Roberts
2020       Ayana Belk
2021       Shumin Li

Past Faculty & Staff Winners

1978       James Boyer
1979       Antonia Quintana Pigno
1980       E. Bernard Franklin
1981       Anne Butler
1982       Veryl Switzer
1984       Karen Hummel
1985       Wayne Rohrer
1986       Hakim Salahu-Din
1987       William Sutton
1988       Michael Holen
1989       Harriet Ottenheimer
1990       Barbara Baker
1991       William Feyerharm
1992       Phil Anderson
1993       Reginland McGowan
1994       Karen M. Martin
1995       LaBarbara Wigfall
1996       Teto Henderson
1997       David L. Griffin Sr.
1998       Kathleen Greene
1999       Juanita McGowan
2000       Douglas Benson
2001       Anita Cortez
2002       Suzanne Mayo-Theus
2003       James Coffman
2004       Candice Hironaka
2005       Keener Tippin II
2006       Lorena Passarelli
2007       Farrell J. Webb
2008       Rebeca Paz
2009       Dawne Martin
2010       Zelia Wiley
2011       Madaí Rivera
2012       Kay Ann Taylor
2013       LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin
2014       Bryon Williams
2015       Myra Gordon
2016       Tess Hobson
2017       Larry Moeder
2018       Tanya González
2019       Mariya Vaughan
2020       Doris Carroll 
2021       Marianne Korten