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Diversity and Inclusion

#StopAAPIHate: A Brief History of Asians in America

Collaborative panel presentation offering an overview of Asian American history. Will include both major cultural / historical accomplishments of Asian Americans as well as significant legal and economic forces that have shaped this immigration history. Will conclude with focus on the Asian American Midwest. 

Time: 3:00pm     Location: Zoom
Zoom Link Passcode: 163308
Level: Intermediate


Michele Janette

Dr. Michele Janette
Department of English

College of Arts and Sciences


A lifetime member of the Association for Asian American Studies, Michele Janette is an award-winning Professor of English at Kansas State University, where she has taught for almost 25 years. She is the editor of the first book-length anthology of Vietnamese American literature, and has published literary and film criticism in leading journals such as Contemporary Literature and Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States.

She teaches courses on a variety of topics, including Film, Film Theory, Asian American Literature, and Chinese and Vietnamese Literature in Translation. She also loves to make chocolate babka while streaming murder mystery tv series.

Tom Sarmiento

Dr. Tom Sarmiento
Associate Professor
Department of English

College of Arts and Sciences

Tom Sarmiento, PhD, is Associate Professor of English, Director of the English graduate track in Cultural Studies, and Affiliated Faculty Member of the Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies.

Their research focuses on Asian American literatures & cultures (with an emphasis on diasporic Filipinxs), queer theories, the Midwest, and the cultures of US empire. They teach courses on fiction-into-film adaptations, Asian American literatures & media, multicultural Midwestern literatures, queer film & theory, writing pedagogy, and popular culture & social issues (through the CAT Community they lead).

Aishah Chaudhry

Aishah Chaudhry

I am a sophomore at K-State majoring in English and enrolled in the Honors Program. I work for the university as a residential learning assistant, and have also written for The K-State Collegian.