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Diversity and Inclusion

Assessment of Diversity Experience of Kansas State University College of Agriculture undergraduates during the COVID-19 pandemic

As society becomes more globally diverse, universities have increased diversity programming for student success. Student openness to diversity and challenge has been found to have a large impact on changes in student attitudes, beliefs, and actions to appreciate individual differences.

This study uses regression analysis of survey data to measure (1) openness to diversity, and (2) diversity experience for students enrolled in the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University during the Fall Semester of 2020. The major implication of the statistical results is that there is an opportunity to influence student openness to diversity and challenge through enhanced programming for understanding diversity as part of the university experience. By recognizing the relationship between factors that affect openness to diversity, the researchers can help reveal the best practices for effectively positively influencing students.

Time: 2:00pm     Location: K-State Student Union, Bluemont Room & Zoom
Zoom Link Passcode: 841546
Level: Intermediate


Zelia Wiley

Dr. Zelia Z. Wiley
Assistant Dean and Director
Diversity Programs Office

College of Agriculture/KSRE

Dr. Zelia Wiley is the Assistant Dean for Diversity in the College of Agriculture and KSRE (K-State Research and Extension).

In her current role, she provides leadership in inclusion and diversity for faculty, staff and students. She is the chief diversity officer for KSRE and the College of Agriculture with 27+ years’ experience in the work of inclusion, equity and diversity. She is a certified Intercultural of Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator, coordinator of the KSRE Summer Research Fellow program, as well as the KSRE Diversity Coach. Her presentation topics include Diversity in Agriculture, Food and Natural Sciences, Micro aggressions and implicit biases, and Exploring Multicultural Views, Cultural Competency, as well as Diversity in the Workplace and DEI for Academics.

Dr. Wiley holds a bachelor’s and Master of Science in Agricultural Education, Economics and Human Resources from Prairie View A&M University (TX) and completed her Ph.D. at the Pennsylvania State University in Agriculture and Extension Education. She is a 30+ year member of the National Society of MANRRS, advisor to the K-State MANRRS chapter and has charted two MANRRS chapters; (1) University of Kentucky (1996) and Kansas State University (2003). She is currently the College of AG Diversity Committee Chair, Graduate Chapter President for Alpha kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Graduate Advisor to Kappa Pi Chapter, 2019 National Role Model Recipient and 2020-22 Black Faculty Staff Alliance (BFSA) Treasurer. Most recently, she received the 2022 Kansas Race Relations Award for the state of Kansas from the Revelations Evangelistic Ministry Inc.

Lonnie Hobbs

Lonnie Hobbs, Jr. 
Graduate Research Assistant
Deparment of Agricultural Economics

College of Agriculture

Lonnie Hobbs, Jr., a native of Clarksville, Tx, is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Agricultural Economics program at Kansas State University.

He conducts research specializing in Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Product Marketing, Pet Food, Sustainability, and Diversity & Inclusion. Lonnie is a current R3 Natural Resource Trainee through the National Science Foundation (NSF) conducting interdisciplinary work related to wastewater treatment and nutrient retrieval using Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors.  In addition to researching, Lonnie also serves as a co-advisor for Kansas State’s Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) local chapter, co-coordinator for the Kansas State Research and Extension (KSRE) Summer Research Program, and a volunteer graduate assistant in the Diversity Programs Office.

Lonnie received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness from Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) and a Master of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University.

Raymond Thomas

Raymond Thomas 
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Agricultural Economics

College of Agriculture

Raymond Thomas is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University from Houston, TX.

Raymond serves as Graduate Student Vice Present for Kansas State MANRRS Chapter. He also serves as the Diversity Advocate for the Graduate Student Council and as a member of the President’s Commission for Multicultural Affairs at Kansas State University.

Raymond received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness from Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) and his master’s in Agriculture Economics at Kansas State University. His research interests include production and gaining insight into farmers’ decision-making and participation in various sustainable farming practices that can introduce new market opportunities. Recently, Raymond was accepted as an R3 Natural Resource Trainee through the National Science Foundation where he will participate in interdisciplinary research centered around natural resource management and sustainable production. 

Summer Santillana

Summer Santillana
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Diversity Programs Office

College of Agriculture

Summer Santillana is an undergraduate student at Kansas State University majoring in Agricultural Economics with a minor in Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies. Summer will graduate in December of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science and a certificate in Conflict Resolution.

She is from Leoti, Kansas, a small town in Western Kansas where she grew up showing steers and swine. Since she has come to K-State, Summer has been an involved member in the Alpha of Clovia 4-H Cooperative Leadership house where she has served as both the President and Vice President of the house, she is also a member of the Agricultural Economics Club and the K-State Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) Chapter.

Summer has also been involved on campus in the College of Agriculture Diversity Programs Office (DPO) where she has served in an undergraduate assistant role since May of 2019. Her work in the DPO has helped her to develop a passion for diversity and inclusion, connecting her with Dr. Zelia Wiley, Assistant Dean for Dean and Director for Diversity Programs, Lonnie Hobbs, Jr., DPO Graduate Assistant, and Raymond Thomas, DPO Graduate Assistant.

Andrew Barkley

Dr. Andrew Barkley
Department of Agricultural Economics

College of Agriculture

Dr. Andrew Barkley is a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University.

Dr. Barkley’s research interests are in the wheat industry, and the research of teaching and learning. He has taught courses in economics at the University of Chicago, Kansas State University, Quaid-I-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan, the University of Arizona, and the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. Dr. Barkley’s honors and awards are numerous for teaching, advising, and scholarship at the College, University, Regional and National levels. Some include International Educator of the Year, 2020 Kansas State University Office of International Program, 2012-13 Dr. Ron and Rae Iman Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching. Throughout his career his has been a proponent for inclusion and diversity in the academic realm.

Dr. Barkley has earned an international reputation for his commitment to students and to colleagues within the university and around the world. He has been active in the Multicultural Exchange Fellow Research Mentor and Zamorano Agricultural University Research Mentor programs.