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Diversity and Inclusion

Surrounding Yourself With Difference

Surrounding Yourself with Difference: The Trusted 6
Engagement: Intermediate            

This session will have an activity and discussion to introduce attendees to the topic of affinity groups. Using the “The Trusted 6” activity, participants will review their 6 closest friends and confidants and discuss the ways in which their "trusted 6's" identities are similar or different from their own. Through the course of the activity, attendees will learn about affinity groups and affinity bias, identify their own group, and discuss ways in which we can use our understanding of affinity groups to make new, diverse connections at K-State.


Jessica HarringtonJessica Harrington
Student Engagement Coordinator, College of Health and Human Sciences

Jessica Harrington serves as the student engagement coordinator for the College of Health and Human Sciences. She holds a
bachelor's degree in English and secondary education from Shippensburg University and a master's degree in English language and literature from the University of Maryland, College Park. Previously, Jessica worked with a living-learning program at the University of Maryland, College Park where her work centered on student and academic affairs. In her current role, Jessica oversees the college's professional mentoring program, coordinates student engagement initiatives, and assists with recruitment and retention efforts. She has a passion for student development and diversity initiatives and works to engage students in areas such as community building, career development, and well-being.