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Diversity and Inclusion

Listening As a Path To Openness

Listening As a Path To Openness
Engagement: Intermediate                 

The ability to listen is a needed skill that promotes diversity and inclusion. When we are with others, especially those that are different from ourselves, we have an opportunity and duty to make them feel seen, heard, and understood. A commitment to listening is an important step to further our progress in understanding and including individuals and groups different from us. Developing the skill of listening can help put us in an anti-racist mindset.

The presenter will lead a facilitation around listening as a skill for co-emerging a culture of diversity and inclusion within a group. The session will focus on developing awareness and impact through listening. These skills will connect to leadership concepts of self-awareness and developing a culture of empathy and listening. This session will engage the audience in active practice and skill development.


Dr. Andrew WefaldDr. Andrew Wefald
Associate Professor
Staley School of Leadership Studies

Andrew Wefald teaches leadership classes and conducts research broadly around the topic of leadership. Current projects include research examining self-authored leadership projects, coaching & coachability, and political skill. Research interests are mostly around leadership and psychology with a focus on quantitative data research methods. Specific interests include developing meaningful leadership projects for students and creating coaching cultures in the classroom and in the workplace. Andrew has published in referred journals such as the Journal of Leadership and Organizational StudiesLeadership and Organization Development JournalJournal of Management Inquiry, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior among others. Andrew earned his PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University.