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Diversity and Inclusion

K-State's Undergraduate Diversity Learning Outcome

K-State's Undergraduate Diversity Learning Outcome
Engagement: Intermediate                   

This breakout session an exploration of KSU Undergraduate Diversity Student Learning Outcome, currently applied programmatic outcomes, relevant data about student learning, applied, and student perceptions from surveys. A large part of the session is to be interactive discussion to guide future directions in programmatic inclusion of this institutional learning outcome through instruction and assessment.


Dr. Fred BurrackDr. Frederick Burrack
Director, Office of Assessment

Frederick Burrack is Director of Assessment, Professor of Music Education, Graduate Chair for Music, Distinguished Graduate Faculty. His research developed the Model Cornerstone Assessments that accompany the National K-12 Music Standards, a co-edited book “Applying Model Cornerstone Assessments in K–12 Music: A research supported approach”, and a text for assessing music titled “Developing and Applying Assessments in the Music Classroom”. He helps programs develop effective and efficient assessment practices across the institution.