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An Atheist Asks

An Atheist Asks: What am I Missing?
Engagement: Intermediate                   

Daniel Ireton, a nonreligious member of the President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual, and Nonreligious Diversity, will give a short talk on how his upbringing shaped his worldview. Due in part to his mostly secular upbringing, for many years he lived under the impression that faith and church attendance was a burden on those who made it a part of their lives. By building relationships with people of faith, he was able to recognize his bias, and now wants to ask people of all faiths what meaning and enjoyment they draw from the practice of their religion.

This engaging session targets intermediate attendees who would be interested in sharing how faith and practice enriches their day-to-day lives and have an interest in learning of one individual's journey in confronting his biases in order to learn with humility about people with a different worldview than his own.


Daniel IretonDaniel Ireton
Academic Services Librarian, Hale Library

Daniel Ireton works as an Academic Services Librarian, liaising primarily with disciplines connected to the Arts and Humanities. He serves on the President’s Committee on Religious, Spiritual, and Nonreligious Diversity among other committees, and his principle research interest is in the use of games in education.






Courtney HochmanCourtney Hochman
Alumni Representative










Aayat Kazee
Senior, Kansas State University

Studying Construction Science and Management.
President of Muslim Student Association & member of Pakistani Student Association.