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Diversity and Inclusion


The Trauma of Racism and Its Impact on Productivity
Flint Hills Room, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

The overall aim of this presentation is to heighten sensitivity to the often covert impact of racism on productivity in school and at work. Ways to proactively avoid perpetuating racism will be discussed.  This presentation will describe the different classes of racism (i.e., hostile, avoidant, and aversive-hostile), and the emotional and psychological harm that each class can potentially promote. Aversive-hostile racism, which is the most likely form encountered at work and school will be explored in depth including ways to avoid perpetuating such racism. A brief documentary on the psychological impact of intergenerational racism will be featured.  This presentation is suitable for anyone in a supervisory, manager, leader or instructor role. 


Joyce Baptist

Dr. Joyce Baptist
Associate Professor, School of Family Studies and Human Services

Joyce Baptist, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in Couple and Family Therapy and Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist. Baptist’s research focuses on improving relationships and mental health of minority groups. She has studied the impact of war deployment on military families, cross-cultural couple relationship maintenance, and biracial and Black couple resilience. Baptist is currently conducting clinical research that examines treatment for suicidal ideation. Baptist’s clinical expertise is in couples processes and trauma recovery including combat-related trauma and childhood abuse. She teaches courses on cultural competency, trauma, violence, substance abuse, and supervision.