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Diversity and Inclusion

Intercultural Leadership

Increasing Our Intercultural Competency: Practical, Personal Steps for Becoming More Inclusive
Cottonwood, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

This presentation is geared towards anyone who would like to learn how they can set goals and make progress in becoming more interculturally competent. Through reflective exercises, participants will identify a culture or identity group they want to learn more about. Then, we will set goals and share ideas for how we each can make progress in our learning. The cohort will have the opportunity to stay in contact to hold each other accountable for the goal we have individually set and to learn from each other in the process of reflection, contemplation, and vulnerability. 


Olivia Law-Delrosso

Olivia Law-DelRosso
Instructor, Department of Management

I am a facilitator of learning focused on developing intercultural competency with individuals and organizations.  As individuals, we can have more personal and professional success with improved communication across difference. Similarly, organizations can realize greater growth with sustainable inclusion practices. I teach a course titled Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace in the College of Business and regularly work with consultants and businesses to create strategic diversity, equity, and inclusion plans.

Adam Carr

Adam Carr
LGBT Resource Center Graduate Assistant
Project IMPACT Student Program Coordinator

am currently a Graduate Student at Kansas State University pursuing my Master of Business Administration and received my Undergraduate Degree in Human Resource Management. I have had a passion for advancing intercultural learning and promoting inclusive spaces at our institution to ensure all feel seen. Through dialogue, education, and commitment to change, I believe we can move the needle forward on many issues we face today.