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Diversity and Inclusion

KSUnite Event - Moving Forward Together, Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019

Keynote Speaker

Maritza Segarra

Judge Maritza Segarra
District Judge, Eighth Judicial District

Bio: Judge Maritza Segarra graduated from Kansas State University in 1984. Judge Segarra received her J.D. from Washburn Law School in 1988 and worked for the North Central Regional Public Defender Office in Junction City from 1988 to 2004. She was the Chief Public Defender from 1997-2004 when she was appointed to the position of District Magistrate Judge for the 8th Judicial District sitting in Junction City. Governor Sebelius appointed her as a District Court Judge for the 8th Judicial District in January of 2007. Judge Segarra was the first woman to ever sit as a District Court Judge in the 8th Judicial District and was the first Latina ever named as a District Court Judge in the State of Kansas. Judge Segarra sat on several committees including the Supreme Court Judicial Education Advisory Committee, the Joint Bench and Bar Conference Planning Committee, and served on the Board of National Association of Women Judges. She was also appointed by the Kansas Supreme Court to the Kansas Judicial Council where she served from 2011- 2019 and chaired various committees formed by the Council. Judge Segarra is a recipient of the Governor’s 2008 Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Award, she was named a 2010 Alumni Fellow for the Kansas State University’s College of Arts and Sciences, and in 2012 was awarded the Kansas District Judges Association Community Outreach and Education Award. Judge Segarra retired from the District Court in 2019 although she continues to hear a case on an appointed basis.

Student Speakers

Jansen Penney

Jansen Penny
Student Body President
Senior in Industrial Engineering

Polina Nations

Polina Nations
Senior in Social Work and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies

Francisco Cardoza

Francisco Cardoza
HALO President
Senior in Management Information Systems

Gloria Mutiri

Gloria Mutiri
K-State Volleyball
Junior in Mass Communications

 Mohammad Khan

Mohammad Khan
Junior in Biology

 Lindsay Gutierrez

Lindsay Gutierrez
Senior in Geology

Schedule of Events, Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019

12:30 p.m.Unity Walk to K-State Student Union until 1:00 p.m.K-State Student Union, Main Ballroom
1:00 p.m.KSUnite - Moving Forward Together SpeakersK-State Student Union, Main Ballroom
2:00 p.m.Breakout Sessions 1st periodK-State Student Union, 2nd Floor, Various Rooms
2:50 p.m.Breakout Sessions 2nd periodK-State Student Union, 2nd Floor, Various Rooms
Click here for a complete listing of presenters with photos

Breakout Session Period 1 - 2:00 p.m.-2:40 p.m.

Breakout Session Period 2 - 2:50 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

Breakout Sessions

Click on the link for more information about the session and the presenters.


Essentials for Diversity Programming and Recruitment Success | Dr. Zelia Wiley and Lonnie Hobbs, Jr.
Union 227, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


How Can I Help You?: Improving Awareness and Maintaining an Inclusive Community for People With Disabilities | Dr. Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson and Charlotte Self
Union 227, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

Unite to Promote Digital Accessibility as We Move Forward Together | Deborah Goins, Laura Widenor and Kaitlyn Cherry
Wildcat Chamber, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


Student Stories: Opportunities and Challenges of U.S. Immigration - Part 1 | Yulisa Enriquez (panelist), Citlally Orozco (panelist), Rebeca Paz (moderator), Attorney Jessica Piedra (panelist), Jesus Quintanilla Cruz (panelsit), Madaí Rivera (panel coordinator),  Annette Ruiz (panelist) and Dr. Jeff Smith (moderator)
Big 12 Room, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

Student Stories: Opportunities and Challenges of U.S. Immigration - Part 2 | Yulisa Enriquez (panelist), Citlally Orozco (panelist), Rebeca Paz (moderator), Attorney Jessica Piedra (panelist), Jesus Quintanilla Cruz (panelsit), Madaí Rivera (panel coordinator),  Annette Ruiz (panelist) and Dr. Jeff Smith (moderator)
Big 12 Room, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


Collegiality and Inclusivity: Tips For and Practice Being an Ally | Dr. Chardie Baird
Union 209, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

Intentionally Inclusive Innovation | Carol Sevin and Renee Gates
Cottonwood Room, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


Increasing Our Intercultural Competency: Practical, Personal Steps for Becoming More Inclusive | Olivia Law-DelRosso and Adam Carr
Cottonwood, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

Leading Across Difference | Aliah Mestrovich Seay and Mac Benavides
Bluemont Room, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


Challenging Gender Expectations: Understanding the Intersections of Gender, Race, Sexuality, Ability, and Colonialism at K-State | Dr. Harlan Weaver, Dr. Rachel Levitt, and Sam Sharpe
Wildcat Chamber, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

Poetry is Not a Luxury: Authors as Activists, Writing as Resistance | Dr. Tanya González, Dr. Katherine Karlin, Dr. Anuja Madan, Dr. Tosha Sampson-Choma, and Dr. Lisa Tatonetti
Union 226, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


The Trauma of Racism and Its Impact on Productivity | Dr. Joyce Baptist
Flint Hills Room, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

Yesterday and Today | Dr. Nadia Shapkina, Dr. Marta Alfonso-Durruty, and Dr. Kevin Steinmetz
Flint Hills Room, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


Conversation on Religious, Spiritual, and Meaning-Making Climate on Campus | Rohan Amare, Courtney Jane Keith, Linda Gilmore, Daniel Ireton
Union 226, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)


#MeToo@K-State | Clara Valderes Kientz and Stephanie Foran
Union 207, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

KSU Says No More | Polina Nations
Union 206, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


Increasing Social Awareness Through Storytelling Work | Dr. Lorenza Lockett, Tess Hobson, Aliah Mestrovich Seay, Onyedika (Kachi) Ekwerike, Melitza Ramirez
Bluemont Room, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

Social Justice in Turbulent Times | Dr. Debra Bolton
Union 207, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)


Listening to Others: Leading Courageously to Promote Diversity and Inclusion | Dr. Andrew Wefald and Dr. Trish Gott
Union 206, 2:00-2:40pm (Session Period 1)

Situation Critical: Responding to Difficult Situations Through Role-Play | Mariya Vaughan and Brent Weaver
Union 209, 2:50-3:30pm (Session Period 2)