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Diversity and Inclusion

Nov. 14, 2017 KSUnite Event

Students, faculty and staff joined together for the K-State Unity Walk and KSUnite on Tuesday, Nov. 14, where we reaffirmed who we are, what we value and what we stand for as the K-State family.

K-Staters walked together to Anderson Hall lawn to listen to speakers Mary Tolar; Tanya González; Darrell Reese, president of the Black Student Union; Troy Bowers; and Jack Ayres, student body president. President Richard Myers provided a message of unity and outlined steps that all K-Staters can take as the community moves forward.

KSUnite Event Recording

Facilitated Conversations

Following KSUnite, K-Staters participated in facilitated conversations about inclusive education, reflection and action in the K-State Student Union.

Education and Reflection Conversations
K-State's Principles of Community

K-State Student Union, Big 12 Room 
Deepening our understanding and commitment to shared values.


  • Be Stoney, Associate Professor, College of Education
  • Roberta Maldonado Franzen, Director of Talent Acquisition, Human Capital Services
  • Laverne Bitsie-Baldwin, Director of Multicultural Engineering Program, College of Engineering
  • Harlan Weaver, Assistant Professor, Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies
  • Linda Duke, Director, Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art
  • Emily Polston, K-State Student
Courageous Conversations

K-State Student Union, Bluemont Room 
How do we have courageous conversations with others around race and culture? How can we create authentic community and family at K-State with courageous conversations?


  • Bernard Franklin, Assistant Vice President for Student Life
  • Stephanie Bannister, Assistant Vice President for Student Life
  • Patrick Kenney, K-State Student
  • Anahi Arce-Gross, K-State Student
  • Adam Carr, K-State Student
  • Tendai Muyani, K-State Student
Room for Reflection

K-State Student Union, Flint Hills Room 
What did you hear today? How do we make sense of it? How should we respond, both as individuals and as a community?


  • Sarah Barrett, Clery Act Federal Compliance Coordinator
  • Aliah Mestrovich Seay, Instructor, 4-H Youth Development
  • Tara Coleman, Associate Professor, Hale Library
  • Mary Abounabhan, K-State Student
  • Bailey Porter, K-State Student
Action Conversations
Promoting Cultural Competency
through Curriculum

K-State Student Union, Room 226


  • Steve Dandaneau, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
  • Kimathi Choma, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Lisa Tatonetti, Professor, Department of English
  • Brandon Clark, Program Coordinator, Office of Diversity
Planning Wildcat Dialogues - Envisioning
in Meaningful Conversations to
Create a More Inclusive Community

K-State Student Union, Cottonwood Room


  • Kerry Priest, Assistant Professor, Staley School of Leadership Studies
  • Jessica Elmore, Associate Director of Diversity Programs, K-State Alumni Association
  • Ryan Kelly, K-State Student
  • Jonathan Cole, K-State Student
Multicultural Center Update

K-State Student Union, Cat's Pause Lounge


  • Mary Tolar, Director of the Staley School of Leadership Studies
  • Bryan Davis, K-State Student
  • Pat Bosco, Vice President for Student Life
  • Greg Willems, President and CEO, KSU Foundation
  • Paloma Roman, K-State Student
Need-based Scholarships

K-State Student Union, Konza Room


  • Robert Gamez, Director, Student Financial Assistance
  • John Morris, Senior Vice President of Development, KSU Foundation
  • Caitlyn Wells, Program Coordinator, Office of Diversity
Campus Safety

K-State Student Union, Bernard J. Pitts Director's Conference Room (Room 212)


  • Ronnie Grice, K-State Police Chief, Assistant Vice President of Public Safety
  • Heather Reed, Assistant Vice President for Student Life
  • Andy Thompson, Senior Assistant Dean, Student Life
  • Mirta Chavez, Director of Multicultural Programs and Services, Office of Diversity