9. Hiring and Retaining More Faculty and Staff of Color

In order to meet and/or exceed relevant local, state and national labor market demographics, this initiative works to increase the hiring and retention efforts for faculty and staff of color.

Status: In Progress

Retention - Update 2/22/22:

  • Team reformed to focus on Retention
  • Goals and Objectives clarified and ready to present to team
  • In depth analysis of results from 2020 University Climate Survey and Faculty/Staff Focus Group reports

Recruitment - Launched 8/11/21:

  • A comprehensive dashboard has been created that displays current applicant and hire demographic information for all faculty and staff hiring at K-State. This dashboard will be presented to the president’s cabinet and dean’s council for go-live this fall. This tool will provide university leaders with data to assess the diversity of applicant pools and craft effective recruitment strategies to attract diverse candidates.
    • Human Capital Service partnered with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to create the dashboard. It has been reviewed and vetted by the action step #9 team.
    • Forms for cabinet members and deans to request access to the tool for their leaders have been created.
    • The dashboard displays comprehensive applicant data along with applicant flow through the hiring process to see where applicants fall out of the hiring pool or make their way to a successful hire.
  • Human Capital Services entered into a new advertising and analytics partnership with Job Elephant to provide timely and accurate data on applicants, their demographics and potential sourcing to attract the most diverse applicant pools possible, including hard-to-fill or niche positions. This new partnership is already live and in use.
    • Job Elephant analyzes our advertising resources to inform the university where we are seeing the most diverse candidates applying for positions.
    • This partnership allows us to direct our advertising dollars in a more targeted way to spend money where we are seeing the best applicants to create the best pools for talent.

Benchmarking and Metrics

Human Capital Services (HCS), under the direction of the Executive Recruitment Manager, is currently researching applicant trend data to identify and understand recruiting trends regarding underutilized and underrepresented applicants (i.e. racial/ethnic minorities, women, veterans, individuals w/ disabilities).

Accountable Administrators and Action Team

This initiative is led by a core leadership team. The lead administrator identified below is responsible for initiating and reporting on the progress of the initiative overall.

Core leadership team (Retention)

  • Be Stoney, Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, co-lead administrator
  • Jay Stephens, Vice President for Human Capital Services, co-lead administrator
  • Bonnie Rush, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Olivia Law-Delrosso, Instructor, Department of Management
  • Debra Marseline, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Belonging, K-State Salina
  • Linda Craghead, Director, Facilities Services
  • Charlotte Self, Director of Employee Relations, Human Capital Services
  • Stephanie Lott, Director, Office of Institutional Equity
  • Mary Oborny, President, University Support Staff Senate
  • Valerie Barnett, Instructor, Department of Management
  • Graduate Student - TBA
  • Graduate Student - TBA
  • Stefan Yates, Special Assistant to the CDIO