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Digital Humanities Center

Graduate Projects

The following DH projects were created by graduate students as part of faculty-assessed assignments.


English. 695: Intro to Digital Humanities

(Spring 2014)

Instructor: Mark Crosby


Adaptation and Appropriation Database

Adaptation and Appropriation Database

Project manager: Alex Stinson

Contributors: Steven Kelly (2014), Elizabeth Hoyt (2014)

Curry Archive     


John Steuart Curry

Beach Museum of Art

Contributors: Fred Amstutz (2014), Elizabeth Thompson (2014), Virgina Vincent (2014)



Engl. 698: Reading Kansas

(Fall 2016)

Instructor: Steffi Dippold 



Reading Kansas: Hidden Histories of Midwestern Book Culture 

Contributors: Fall 2016 Honors Seminar: Abilene Alderson, Hallie Lucas, Hunter Nelson, Sarah Peterson, Adam Smith, Malorie Wagner, Dylan Wheeler, and Cheyenne White. 


Engl. 698: American Everyday: The Ordinary, the Deviant, and the Marginalized 

(Fall 2014)

Instructor: Steffi Dippold


American Everyday 

Things that Speak:American Everyday

Contributors: Fall 2014 Capstone Students, Brittany Roberts (2014) and Rachel Cunningham (2014), Alex Stinson (2014-2015)



Engl. 825: William Blake's Illuminated Books

(Fall 2015)

Instructor: Mark Crosby



Visions of Oppression: An Exploration of William 

Blake's Visions of the Daughters of Albion

Created by Sarah Brooks (2015)



The Bible of Hell: Revisited

Created by Minadora Macheret (2015)




William Blake's Illustrations to Dante's "Divine Comedy" - The Circle of the Lustful

Created by Natalie Monas (2015)


Engl. 625: Gothic Literature

(Fall 2018)

Instructor: Mark Crosby           

lost dairies 

The Lost Diaries of Vampirism

Created by Katie Cline (2018)


gothic doubles

Doubles in Gothic Literature

Created by Cailey McCabe (2018)