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Guest Lectures 2023

We are excited to have an excellent slate of expert guest lecturers for the 2023 K-State Debate Camp ready to help students better understand the 2023-2024 High School Topic.

Trevor Lecturing to HS students

Follow this link for more information about the  K-State Debate Camp.

Dr. Nathaniel Birkhead

Birkhead Headhsot

Dr. Nathaniel Birkhead is Associate Professor and Department Head of Kansas State University's Department of Political Science, a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, and the Director of the Political Science Undergraduate Internship Program. Dr. Birkhead’s research examines the representational relationship between constituents and their elected officials, and American institutions - especially Congress and state legislatures. His articles have appeared in journals like Legislative Studies Quarterly, Political Research Quarterly, and American Politics Research. For the K-State Debate Camp, Dr. Birkhead will be helping students get a better grasp on the fiscal redistribution policy debate topic through a lecture on the political dimensions of federal redistribution policy.  


Dr. Daniel Kuester

Kuester Bio headshot

Dr. Daniel Kuester is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics at K-State and the Roger Trenary Chair for Excellence in Economic Instruction. Kuester received his B.A. in economics at Drury College and his M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Missouri. In 2015, Kuester received the Presidential Award for best academic advisor at Kansas State University and he has been awarded the William L. Stamey Awards for Excellence in both Teaching and Advising at Kansas State. Kuester has authored or co-authored publications in The Journal of Economic Education, The Forum of the Association for Arid Land Studies, as well as The Journal of Economics and Finance and has also served as the editor of the Forum. Kuester's primary research interests are History of Economic Thought, Economics of Sports, Economic Education and Business Cycle Theory. He has taught courses in history of economic thought, sports economics, public finance, microeconomics and macroeconomics. He is also currently the faculty advisor for the KSU ECON Club. Dr. Kuester will be helping K-State Debate Camp students get a better understanding of the economic issues behind the 2023-2024 Federal Redistribution policy.