Our words

Voice and style

Just like a person, K-State has a personality, and this personality has a distinct voice. K-State’s brand is about optimism, opportunity and creating a better future. The brand voice reflects and expresses these characteristics. Language is aspirational, forward-thinking, confident and inspiring. It conveys with emotion that K-State students are prepared, inspired and activated to turn their talents and education into the ideas, breakthroughs and problem-solving for which the world is waiting.

Written and verbal communications that emanate from the university, or carry its marks for identification, should reflect and reinforce these characteristics.

Crafting messaging

When crafting key messaging, consider your unit’s core strengths, attributes, experiences, activities and offerings and align them with the university's brand strategy by categorizing them within the university’s brand pillars:

This ensures your core messages connect to the institutional brand, lifting our audiences’ understanding of who K-State is as a whole and what experiences are core to our institution.

If you need assistance in crafting and connecting your core messages to the university’s brand pillars, contact the Division of Communications and Marketing.

View the voice section of the university's brand guidelines PDF


University style guide

The university largely follows AP Style, but we do have a few rules of our own as well to keep things consistent.