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Fee Schedule Rates

As a fee-for-service entity the CMG is obligated to recover the direct operating costs (e.g., direct labor, feed, bedding, animal husbandry consumable supplies, etc.) incurred for the animal procurement, animal husbandry, and veterinary research support services provided to principal investigators/instructors (PIs) that use animals in their research and/or teaching.  The CMG fee schedule rates (i.e., per diem rates, hourly labor rates, other service rates, etc.) are calculated using the NIH/NCRR Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities (May 2000) guidelines and are reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Research, Asst. Vice President for Financial Services, and Vice President for Administration & Finance/CFO for accuracy and compliance with KSU cost accounting policies and federal regulations (9 CFR 200).

Monthly Billing:  Investigators are billed on a monthly basis for the prior month’s activity.  Payments are due upon receipt (i.e., NLT the end of the month).

The approved CMG fee schedule rates listed below went into effect 1 July 2017 and fall into 2 broad categories, namely:

Animal per diem rates:

Click HERE for animal per diem rate schedules

Per diem rates cover the cost per day to house animals in a CMG managed facility and are billable on either an animalday [cost/animal/day] or cageday [cost/cage/day] basis. 

  • General:  Per diem charges typically cover/include the following unless otherwise noted:
    • daily health monitoring/observation of every animal;
    • feed (1-2 feedings per day of a standard ration for all species except livestock);
    • bedding (rodent only);
    • breeding colony management (rodent level 2 care only);
    • routine husbandry and sanitation of cages or pens according to CMG SOPs and applicable guidelines;
    • routine PPE (NOTE:  Tyvek coveralls and N-95 respirators are not routine PPE and will be billed separately.);
    • routine animal room set-up at the start of study/project;
    • routine animal room break-down, cleaning, and decontamination at the end of a study/project (NOTE: VHP gas decontamination is not routine and will be billed separately.);
    • routine veterinary clinical care for non-protocol related health issues.

NOTE:  A pre-project planning meeting is highly recommended prior to submitting an animal requisition form (ARF90) to reserve space in the animal facility and order animals to identify and discuss any additional ancillary charges that might be incurred for specialized animal husbandry requirements (e.g., feeding specialized diets, specialized PPE, administering drugs/medications/test compounds, special procedures, transportation requirements, etc. that are above and beyond routine animal husbandry.)

  • Rodent Per Diem Rates:  The rodent per diem rates are based on 4 levels of care and 2 cages size and are billed on a cageday basis.  The maximum number of animals housed per cage shall be in accordance with (IAW) the NAS/NRC/ILAR Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (8th Ed., 2011) and/or the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) / 9 CFR 1-3) as applicable and animals housed in the same cage must be compatible with each other.  Deviations from the Guide’s minimum cage space requirements must be approved by the IACUC. 
  • Other Non-Rodent Small Animal Per Diem Rates:  The per diem rates for other small animals (i.e., rabbits, cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, etc.) are based on animal biosafety level (ABSL) and type of housing and are billed on an animalday basis.
  • Livestock Per Diem Rates:  The per diem rates for livestock (i.e., pigs, sheep, goats, cattle, alpacas, horses, etc.) are based on animal biosafety level (ABSL) and type of housing and are billed on an animalday basis.  Livestock per diem rates include all labor/supplies to perform routine husbandry tasks (i.e., feeding, watering, cleaning, etc.).  (NOTE:  Feed, hay, & bedding are not included in the livestock per diem rates and will be billed separately.)
Other Service Fees:

Click HERE for service fee rate schedule

  • Hourly labor rates are charged in 15 minute increments with a 15 minute minimum charge.  Labor hourly rates apply for all services that are above and beyond routine husbandry/veterinary care or direct support of a research/teaching protocol (e.g., data/sample collection, genotyping, etc.) and requests that result in overtime and/or holiday pay may be billed at 1½ times the regular hourly rate.
  • Cage wash load charges only apply when washing items not covered by a per diem rate.
  • Autoclave load charges only apply when autoclaving items not covered by a per diem rate.
  • Laundry load charges apply for laundering soiled scrubs, lab coats, coveralls, towels, etc. above and beyond routine.


Click here for complete Fee Schedule (PDF)