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Animal Requisitions

Animal requisitions must be accompanied by the account number(s) that will be used to pay for the cost of the animals and associated shipping/box charges and CMG will process the KSU agency payment voucher (APV) upon receipt of the animal order.  Animal requisitions should be submitted at least 2 week prior to the desired delivery date.  PI’s are strongly encouraged to submit animal requisitions as far in advance as possible in order to reserve space in the CMG animal facility for their planned projects and allow CMG sufficient time to identify a source, order the animals, and coordinate the shipping/delivery arrangements.  Only animal requisitions for IACUC approved protocols will be accepted and processed to reserve space and order the animals unless a waiver is approved by the CMG Director.

Animal Requisition Form (PDF)new

Investigators requesting pigs from the KSU Swine Teaching & Research Center (STRC) also need to complete a KSU STRC Pig Request Form in addition to the standard CMG Animal Requisition Form.