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Cooling and Heating Innovation Lab

Contact Information

Melanie Derby
Assistant Professor


lab equipmentThe CHIL lab is located at 0053 Rathbone Hall. The laboratory is instrumented for heat transfer and fluid testings, including chillers, data acquisition systems, microscope (Leica Z16 APO), and high-speed camera (Fastec IL3).

The CHIL lab contains several experimental apparatuses, including a flow condensation apparatus.

Additionally, we conduct experiments in the climate-controlled chambers of the Institute for Environmental Research at K-State. IER is a university center which contains unique facilities and equipment for studying the interactions of thermal systems and the environment in over 6500 sq. ft. of laboratory space. Most notably, the institute boasts eight environmental chambers, which offer a large range of temperatures (-12 degrees C to 49 degrees C) and full range of relative humidity up to 100%.

IER website