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Chester E. Peters Lecture Series

Past Lecturers:

2019 – Dr. Chris Linder

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"Historical and Power-Conscious Approaches for Addressing Campus Sexual Violence"

Assistant Professor of Higher Education, University of Utah

Dr. Chris Linder 

2018 – Dr. Sonja Ardoin

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"The Relationship Between Rurality, Social Class Identity, and College Access and Affordability"

Clinical Assistant Professor and Program Director for Higher Education Administration, Boston University

Dr. Sonja Ardoin

2017 – Dr. Adam Peck

"Engagement and Employability: Integrating Transferable Skills into the Complete College Experience"

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs
Stephen F. Austin State University

Dr. Adam Peck 

2016 - Dr. Salvador B. Mena

"A Student Affairs Perspective on Responding
to Critical Issues on Campus"

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Rutgers University

Dr. Salvador B. Mena 

2015 - Dr. Diane R. Dean

"Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants:
The New Biculturalism on College Campuses"

Associate Professor for Higher Education Administration and Policy
Illinois State University

Dr. Diane Dean

2014 - Dr. Holley A. Belch

"We Belong: Creating an Infrastructure of Campus
Support for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities"

Professor of Student Affairs in Higher Education
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

 Holley Belch

2013 - Dr. Kristen Renn

"Supporting All Students:
Strategies for LGBT Student Success"

Professor of Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education
Michigan State University

photo of Kristen Renn;

2012 - Dr. Tracy Davis

"Cultivating Response Ability for Social Justice
in Student Affairs"

Professor and Program Coordinator, College Student Personnel Program
Western Illinois University

2011 - Dr. Gwendolyn Dungy

"Achieving Student Learning Outcomes: The Challenge
of Educating the New Diversity of Students"

Executive Director of NASPA

 Gwendolyn Dungy

2010 - Mary Stuart Hunter

"Moving Beyond Osmosis: Institutional Responsibilities
for First Year Student Success"

Associate Vice President and Executive Director for University 101 Programs
and Students in Transition, University of South Carolina

Mary Stuart Hunter

2009 - Dr. Sylvia Hurtado

"Preparing College Student for a Diverse Democracy"

Professor and Director, Higher Education Research Institute

Sylvia Hurtado

2008 - Dr. Eugene L. Zdziarski II

"Campus Crisis Management: The New Normalcy
for Higher Education"

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students
University of Florida

Eugene L. Zdziarski II

2007 - Dr. Susan Komives

"Student Leadership Development"

Co-founder and Research/Publications Editor, National Clearinghouse
for Leadership Programs and Senior Scholar, James MacGregor
Burns Academy of Leadership

Susan Komives

2006 - Dr. Ronald R. Kopita

"The Changing Face of Student Affairs
in the 21st Century"

Vice President for Campus Life and University Relations
Wichita State University 

Ronald Kopita

2005 - Albert Petitpas

"Performance Enhancement On and Off the Field"

Professor of Psychology
Springfield College - Massachusetts


2004 - Dr. Fred Newton and Dr. Sherry Benton

"Beyond Prozac: Change in College Student Depression
in the Last 30 Years"

Professor and Director, Counseling Services, Kansas State University
Assistant Director, Counseling Services, Kansas State University

Fred NewtonSherry Benton

2001 - Dr. William L. Kibler

"Traditions, Spirit & Integrity:
Lessons Learned from the Aggie Bonfire"

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Educational Administration
Texas A&M University

William Kibler

1999-2000 - Dr. Helen S. Astin

"Connecting & Caring: An Agenda for the
New Millennium"

Professor of Higher Education and Associate Director,
The Higher Education Research Institute

Helen S. Astin

1997-1998 - Dr. Patrick J. Terenzini

"Are We Really Serious About Learning?"

Professor and Interim Director, Center for the Study of Higher Education
Pennsylvania State University

Patrick J. Terenzini

1996-1997 - Dr. George D. Kuh

"What Matters in Undergraduate Education"

President, Association for the Study of Higher Education
Professor of Higher Education, Center for Post-Secondary Research and Planning
Indiana University - Bloomington

George K. Kuh