Mark Hollingworth

Dr. Mark Hollingsworth

Emeritus Associate Professor
location CBC 123
phone 785-532-6668 (Dept Office)
Research Themes

Design and Synthesis of Molecules and Supramolecular Architectures

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Emeritus Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor, Indiana University
Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
Postdoctoral Research, University of Cambridge
Ph.D., Yale University
B.S., Chemistry, Carleton College

Research Overview

My research in solid-state organic chemistry emphasizes dynamic and structural phenomena and cooperative interactions in solid-state processes. During recent years, this work has focused on series of ferroelastic and ferroelectric inclusion compounds and salts that we have developed. Our work includes mechanistic studies of crystal growth and domain switching in organic single crystals and on phase transitions, especially in aperiodic systems, and it emphasizes crystal engineering, microscopy, spectroscopy and crystallography of organic solids with specific chemical and physical properties. Much of our most recent work has involved the physical crystallography of aperiodic crystals, primarily using synchrotron X-ray sources. Even though I am retired from teaching, I continue my research at Kansas State University.

Selected publications

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