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Kansas State University

Research Area and Expertise

Protein polymers, peptide thermal synthesis:
X. Susan Sun, Duy Hua

Peptide design and chemical synthesis, Protein expression and purification.
John Tomich

Biophysical characterization of peptide/protein assemblies
John Tomich

 Carbohydrate, starch polymers – modifications, structure, properties and applications:
Yong-Cheng Shi

Nanocrystal design and synthesis:
Ken J.Klabunde

Nanocatalysis for biomass hydrolysis
Keith Hohn, Ken Klabunde,

Fatty acid polymers and nanofilm:
Duy Hua

Carbon nano tube/wire design and synthesis,
Jun Li, Vikas Berry

Biomaterials for medical uses
Jun Li, Duy Hua, John Tomich, Vikas Berry, X. Susan Sun

Graphene-based Biomedical devices
Vikas Berry

Biomass conversion into fuels and chemicals,
Donghai Wang, Praveen Vadlani,

Biomass storage and handling, pests control and treatment
Subi Bhadriraju, Dirk Maier, Donghai Wang, Praveen Vadlani

Biopolyester monomer, co-monomer, polymerization, thermal compounding,
X. Susan Sun, Ken Klabundey, Duy Hua, John Tomich,

Surface adhesion/adsorption,
Kevin Lease, Bruce Law

Soft matter, light scattering characterization, micro mechanics,
Chris Sorensen, Kevin Lease,

Bulk adhesion, rheology, thermal dynamics of biobased polymers and materials
X. Susan Sun, Donghai Wang, Hulya Dogan,

3D X-ray morphology structure of biomaterials
Hulya Dogan

Theoretical modeling on biomolecules, biopolymers
Christine Aikens, Amit Chakrabarti, Jianhan Chen, Ahlam Al-Rawi

Ken Klabunde, Keith Hohn, Duy Hua, John Tomich, Chris Sorensen, Yongcheng Shi, Vikas Berry, X. Susan Sun