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Catalyst is a semester-long program facilitated by members of the Blue Key Senior Honorary.  It provides an opportunity to invest in your own success, specifically with personal habits and lessons. Throughout the semester, you will get to interact in small groups, discussing self-mastery and leadership, accountability through collaboration, and how to maintain your momentum.  This program will give you an opportunity to have fun and build relationships, discovering your capabilities as an individual along the way. 

Catalyst applications for Spring 2021 are now closed. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information about our other programs. 

Please reach out to Emma Francis at emfran@ksu.edu or Jack Cashman at cashman13@ksu.edu for more information. 

Who can participate in Catalyst?

Catalyst is open to any K-State student, with a focus on freshmen and sophomores. 

What do participants do in Catalyst?

Catalyst members will experience a semester of topics related to personal growth.  This will include goal-setting, building motivation, establishing self-confidence, evaluating relationships, dealing with obstacles, and many more.

Your Blue Key leaders will engage your small group with discussions from the book Habitudes for the Journey by Dr. Tim Elmore.  There will also be opportunities to listen to stories from passionate leaders from K-State in Large Lectures. There is no cost to participate in Catalyst, and the lessons learned will remain with you long after you graduate from K-State.

For the second year, Catalyst participants will have the opportunity to compete for a scholarship through a TED-talk style competition. More details will be available in the spring to Catalyst students. 

When does Catalyst take place?

The Kick-Off Event will be held in early December, and a day-long Catalyst retreat will be held in late January.   

After that, the committee will be a one hour per week meeting with your small group throughout the Spring semester. Five large lectures will take place throughout the semester on Tuesday nights, where you will hear from campus leaders, passionate K-Staters, and get to engage with others involved with Catalyst. Dinner is provided at all Large Lectures.


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