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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
Kansas State University
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Undergraduate Studies

The Office of Undergraduate Studies is the first stop for undergraduate advising and for questions regarding the undergraduate program in the Division of Biology for both current and prospective students. The Office of Undergraduate Studies is located in 103 Ackert Hall, or students can directly contact any of the following members of the Undergraduate Studies team with questions or to set up an appointment:

About Undergraduate Studies in Biology

The K-State Division of Biology is a large, active unit with high quality teaching and research. Biology faculty members have won numerous university-wide awards for outstanding teaching, advising, and service. In addition to teaching, Division of Biology faculty maintain research programs that span the biological sciences. Because of its diversity as a discipline, three majors are available through the Division of Biology: Biology; Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology; and Microbiology. Over 50 biology courses are available for undergraduates. Currently there are over 800 undergraduate majors in the Division of Biology. New biology majors are advised through the Division of Biology Office of Undergraduate Studies, and as students' goals become clearer they will assigned a faculty mentor to provide additional guidance. Advisors and mentors are helpful in many capacities including finding opportunities for undergraduate research or positioning oneself for admission into graduate or professional school.

Undergraduates in the Division of Biology are high quality students, as can be assessed by the over $100,000 in awards and scholarships given to biology undergraduate students annually. The average ACT composite score of our entering freshmen is 26 and typically 40 to 50 percent of our entering freshmen have ACT composites that are 28 or higher. Our graduation rates and student GPAs considerably exceed the university average. Forty percent of our biological science graduates have their bachelor's degrees within 4 years of graduating from high school and 75 percent have their degree within 5 years of high school graduation. In addition to these awards and accomplishments in the classroom, many undergraduates in the Division of Biology are also excelling at the lab bench or in the field. Undergraduate research opportunities abound within Division research laboratories and undergraduates actively seek out these opportunities to learn science by doing science.

For more information about undergraduate studies in the Division of Biology please explore the pages to the left. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the Division of Biology Office of Undergraduate Studies at 785-532-5718 or email biology@ksu.edu.