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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
Kansas State University
116 Ackert Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
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Microbiology and Immunology

NameResearch Focus
Walter DoddsWater quality; Nutrient cycling; Nutrient criteria; Value of water; Nitrogen cycling 
Sherry FlemingInnate immune response 
Revathi Govind Pathogenic microbiology; Bacterial genetics 
Christopher HerrenBacteriology, molecular pathogenesis, animal infection models, genomics, vaccines
Ari JumpponenMycology; Fungal ecology; Fungus-plant interactions 
Kristin Michel Host-pathogen interactions; Vector biology
Thomas PlattBacterial genetics; Quorum sensing; Microbial interactions; Virulence plasmid conjugation
Stephanie ShamesHost-pathogen interactions, bacterial pathogenesis, cellular microbiology
Martha Smith Caldas 
Govindsammy VediyappanPathogenic Microbiology; Bacterial Genetics; Mycology
Zhilong YangMolecular virology; Virus-host Interactions; Poxvirus replication; Gene expression; Transcriptomics; Genetic engineering; 
Lydia Zeglin Microbial ecology, microbial diversity and nutrient cycling processes in streams/soils