Microbiology and Immunology Faculty

Name Research Focus
Pankaj Baral Neuroimmunology; infectious disease; innate immunity
Walter Dodds Water quality; Nutrient cycling; Nutrient criteria; Value of water; Nitrogen cycling
Sherry Fleming Innate immune response
Revathi Govind
(section chair)
Pathogenic microbiology; Bacterial genetics
Christopher Herren Bacteriology, molecular pathogenesis, animal infection models, genomics, vaccines
Ari Jumpponen Mycology; Fungal ecology; Fungus-plant interactions
Sonny Lee Metagenomics, Bioinformatics, Microbial ecology, microbial diversity and cultivation
Kristin Michel Host-pathogen interactions; Bacterial and fungal entomopathogens; Vector biology
Thomas Platt Bacterial genetics; Quorum sensing; Microbial interactions; Virulence plasmid conjugation
Kalyani Pyaram T cell metabolism, Innate and adaptive immune responses, cellular immunology
Stephanie Shames Host-pathogen interactions, bacterial pathogenesis, cellular microbiology
Martha Smith Caldas General microbiology
Govindsammy Vediyappan Pathogenic Microbiology; Bacterial Genetics; Mycology
Lydia Zeglin Microbial ecology, microbial diversity and nutrient cycling processes in streams/soils