This page contains some example computer activities from our studio classroom. While they can be viewed in isolation, they are meant to be a supplement for a topic from a Biology course. I will be adding more of these as time permits. If you have questions, suggestions, or find an error, please contact me at ehorne@ksu.edu

Genetics Problems - This problem set includes questions on gamete formation, one-trait crosses, two-trait crosses, incomplete dominance, linked genes, crossing over, sex-linked genes, and population genetics (both counting alleles and using Hardy-Weinberg equations). There are hints to help students learn how to work the problems and some vocabulary review.

Mendelian Crosses in Butterflies - This problem is designed so that crosses can be made between butterflies with different traits (there is a one-trait cross and a two trait cross). Students have only information on phenotypes before and after crosses and must determine the genotypes of the three "parental" butterflies by doing back crosses and test crosses. May respond slowly on older computers.

Build a Cell - An activity for the review of different types of cells and their structure.

The Effect of Sample Size - A simulation allowing students to take different sized random samples from a population of plants with yellow and blue flowers in different proportions. They will be able to compare the percentage of blue flowers in their sample to the percentage of blue flowers in the population.