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Principles of Biology


Eva Horne

Spring (even years):
Robbie Bear

Spring (odd years):
Wendy Reeves

How to succeed in Principles of Biology

You may have heard about "Learning Styles" over the last decade, and that different people have different learning styles.  For example, some people may pay more attention to things they read, while others may pay more attention to images.  However, recent research suggests that concentrating on a single style of material presentation may not be helpful. In Principles of Biology, the material is made available in a variety of formats.  You can find written and visual forms in the etext, studio manual, and online material. Kinesthetic (actively doing things) exercises can be found in the classroom and the online material.  Aural (heard) forms of the material can be accessed through the introduction and wrap up of class and by interacting with your classmates and instructors.  All of these styles of learning are important.  Even though you may pay more attention to one right now, you can learn more if you combine styles.  Learning involves making connections and the more ways you look at material, the more connections you will make.  So, use all the available materials as you study Biology.

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