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Principles of Biology


Eva Horne

Spring (even years):
Robbie Bear

Spring (odd years):
Wendy Reeves


  • A misconception: There are no teachers, and they expect you to learn everything from the computers ("Nobody is there to teach me; I have to learn biology on my own." or "I can't learn in this class, since it is all self-taught!") - The facts
  • The importance of this class: My advisor told me that I would get a better grade and not have to study so much if I took introductory biology at a community college. Why should I take this course at KSU?
  • A misconception:  This is a weedout course. - The facts
  • A misconception:  Half the class is failing this course.  - The facts
  • The attendance policy.
  • Why "excused absences" are not allowed.
  • The TESTS:
    • A misconception: The test questions are tricky.  - The facts
    • A misconception: The tests are not written by my instructor; they are written by some guy who doesn't know what's going on in the course!  - The facts
    • A perceived problem:  "I know all this stuff and still get bad test grades".  - The facts
    • A perceived problem:  I don't know what to study for the tests.  - The facts
    • A perceived problem:  Multiple-choice, computer-graded tests are hard!  - The facts
    • A questionWhy do you have so many possible answers for these questions????  - The facts
    • A question:  Why don't you provide old tests for us to use as study guides?  - The facts