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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
Kansas State University
116 Ackert Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-6653 fax

Eve McCulloch, Teaching Assistant Professor

Eve McCulloch

Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies

Contact information

103 Ackert Hall
(785) 532-1406


Ph.D. 2012, Louisiana State University. Systematics, Ecology, and Evolution.

Area(s) of Specialization

Population genetics, landscape genetics, conservation biology, science communication, science policy.


BIOL 198 Principles of Biology

Selected Publications, Posters and Presentations

Eve S. McCulloch. 2013. Harnessing the power of Big Data in biological research. BioScience 63: 715.

Eve S. McCulloch, J. Sebastián Tello, Andrew Whitehead, Claudia María José Rolón-Mendoza, Mario César D. Maldonado-Rodríguez*, and Richard D. Stevens. 2013. Fragmentation of Atlantic Forest has not affected gene flow of a widespread seed-dispersing bat. Molecular Ecology 22(18): 4619-4633.

Lorelei Patrick, Eve S. McCulloch, and Luis A. Ruedas. 2013. Systematics and phylogeography of the arcuate horseshoe bat species complex (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae). Zoologica Scripta 42(3): 553-590.

Eve S. McCulloch. 2013. “Echoes in the night: The biology of bats.” Austin Center for Inquiry: Food for Thought lecture series. Austin, Texas. 15 July 2013. (presentation)

Eve S. McCulloch. 2013. Balancing Privacy and Progress: Biobanks and Genome Sequencing. BioScience 63: 333.

Eve S. McCulloch. 2013. “Bridging the Gap: Communication Between Scientists and Policy-makers.” 93rd annual meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 14-18 June 2013. (presentation)

Richard D. Stevens, Mary E. Johnson, and Eve S. McCulloch. 2013. Absolute and relative secondary-sexual dimorphism in wing morphology: a multivariate test of the “Big Mother” hypothesis. Acta Chiropterologica 15(1): 163-170.

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