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Division of Biology


The Division of Biology at Kansas State University is composed of a dynamic group of tenure-track, research, and instructional faculty, as well as a large number of postdoctoral research associates, graduate students, and support staff. All of these individuals are essential to accomplish the Division of Biology’s mission, to generate and disseminate high-quality biological scientific knowledge through teaching, research, service, and outreach. The research, teaching, and service interests of these individuals are diverse, spanning all areas of biological research, teaching and training at the postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate levels, as well as service and outreach contributions to the broader scientific community and the public. The Division of Biology is led by a leadership team which includes: Dr. Mark Ungerer (Director), Dr. Carolyn Ferguson (Associate Director), Dr. Michael Veeman (Graduate Affairs Chair), and Dr. Eve McCulloch (Director of Undergraduate Studies).  Specific information and contact details for the people in the Division of Biology can be found at their individual websites.