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Division of Biology

Emeritus Faculty

NameTitleResearch Focus
Briggs, JohnProfessor EmeritusGrassland Ecology
Conrad, AbigailResearch Associate Professor EmeritaDevelopmental Biology 
Cully, JackAssociate Professor EmeritusWildlife Biology
Gipson, PhilAssociate Professor EmeritusWildlife Biology
Hook, PatriciaInstructor EmeritaBotany
Joern, AnthonyUniversity Distinguished Professor EmeritusGrassland Ecology
Paulsen, Avelina Q.Instructor Emerita Structural Biology
Perchellet, J.P.Professor EmeritusCancer Biology
Rintoul, DavidAssociate Professor EmeritusCell Biology
Robinson, SallyInstructor EmeritaStructure/Function of Human Body
Roufa, DonaldProfessor EmeritusMolecular & Cell Biology
Takemoto, Larry J. University Distinguished Professor Emeritus Molecular Biology of the Lens
Tomb, A. Spencer Associate Professor EmeritusPlant Systematics
Urban, James E.Associate Professor EmeritusMicrobiology
Weis, JerryAssociate Professor EmeritusPlant Biology
Williams, Larry Associate Professor Emeritus Molecular Genetics
Wilson, Fred E.Professor Emeritus Animal Physiology
Wong, PeterProfessor EmeritusPlant Physiology